Stop and Smell the Flowers

Bella holding flower
All Images, Copyright Matt Smith Photo Design. All Rights Reserved.

I love those moments where time seems to stop, and you become fully immersed in whatever it is that you are doing. For that reason, I think I have a stronger emotional connection with candid images. To me a posed portrait is nice, in that it always captures your image, but candid photographs seem to capture a person’s essence. As a photographer, I can say that merely your appearance is not what defines you. I think what defines an individual comes from whatever it is that inspires and motivates you to actually do the important things that you spend your time doing in life. I love that photography offers me the opportunity to often observe a person at their best. Yes, brides have meltdowns, and rain can ruin things quickly; but usually that magical moment in the day comes around, and you can see a person blissfully enjoying a specific event in their life. It’s hard not to be inspired and moved by that.

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Bella smelling flower
I love how she is lost in the moment, focusing on the flower. Just after this, she said that the flower smells pretty.